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Uses For Specialty And Calibration Gases

Whether you are familiar with them or not, specialty and calibration gases play a very large role in your life. Specialty or calibration gases or cal gases as some call them help monitor processes that govern our lives and keep us safe. A specialty gas or calibration gas is simply a mixture of gases that is used to calibrate a gas chromatograph. A gas chromatograph is an instrument very common in Read More...

How To Determine Natural Gas Heating Value

Natural gas prices are something that the average person does not really spend a lot of time thinking about unless they are heating their house with it in the wintertime and they live where it is cold. However, natural gas prices are something that affect all of us to a very great degree. How so? Well, not only does it determine how much we pay to heat our homes if they are heated using natural ga Read More...

Different Types Of Medical Diagnostic Products

Do you think only doctors use medical diagnostic products in their clinics and hospitals? As people are becoming more health conscious than ever before, the basic diagnostic products have included themselves in the first aid box of almost every household. Thermometers, blood pressure monitors and heart rate monitors are some of the basic medical devices that can be found in the first aid kit of ne Read More...

Basic Chem Lab Equipment And It's Uses

Today's modern basic chemistry lab equipment really hasn't changed much from the days of old. It is true that the tools used have advanced to an enormous degree with advances in technology and the design and production of new and informative data and information gathering scientific equipment. But for the basic chemist just beginning to learn this trade, many of the tools and pieces of chem lab eq Read More...

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